Tell USPTO to Revoke "Aloha Poke" Trademark NOW

Tell USPTO to Revoke "Aloha Poke" Trademark NOW

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Started by Camren Cambra


Tell the United States Patent and Trademark Office to revoke the invalid trademark registered by Aloha Poke Co.

Chicago based Aloha Poke Co is using an invalid trademark of a generic phrase to bully potential competition amidst an aggressive move to expand their chain throughout the United States. Poke shops as far away as Alaska, Washington, and even Hawaii -where the dish and the term originated- are being sent cease and desist letters demanding they remove all use of the terms “aloha” and “aloha poke” in their advertising. Some of these shops, small businesses owned by Native Hawaiians and kama‘aina, folks born in Hawaii, have felt no choice but to rebrand at great cost.

Not only is this an affront to Hawaiians, who have suffered enough appropriation and whitewashing of their culture already, but it’s arguably a misuse of trademark law. Aloha Poke Co is not protecting a unique brand with this move, they are attempting to monopolize a commonly used phrase to weaken competition as they attempt a nationwide expansion. In the Pacific NW and Hawaii alone there are 11 businesses registered with some variation of the name Aloha Poke. Two of them, Lei’s Poke and Fairhaven Poke, have changed their outward brand, while maintaining registration under the name Aloha Poke.

Allowing people like Chris Birkinshaw and Zach Friedlander to continue hoarding Hawaiian culture as their own will negatively impact authentic businesses across the nation, sending the message that it’s okay for anyone to carve up yet another slice of Hawaii for a quick buck. 

This abuse and theft of Hawaiian culture and livelihood needs to stop, now. Aloha Poke Co has shown in their recent statements that they have no intention of backing down from their position or recognizing the deep hypocrisy in claiming sole ownership of the word in Aloha any situation or use. We must dispute the Aloha Poke trademark as invalid and demand that the United States Patent and Trademark Office revoke it.

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1,965 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!