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ADA! Recognize ESA as sub-category Service Animals!

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Emotional support animals can be any animal, and can save the lives of their handlers and be trained to perform specific actions. This is a petition for the Americans with Disabilities act to recognize Emotional Support Animals as service animals, (as a subcategory), allowed in service animal locations, IF properly trained, or caged! *MEANING* ANY animal that is trained to know their basic commands, SHOULD be allowed in service animal locations, REGARDLESS of their species. If miniature horses, who go to the bathroom whenever they desire, can be SERVICE animals under the ADA, for example, a CAT with more training(sit, stay, lay down, come, and uses the bathroom in designated areas), SHOULD be recognized as a full service animal, and be allowed in public buildings. I know many people who are allergic to dogs, and when they go to areas where they know service animals or dogs are, they carry a medical mask. ESAs should get more rights, even when not fully trained, (if their owner ecperiences panic attacks, or seizures)to be in areas like


2. Hospitals

3.cafes/grocery stores

I am starting this petition because my husband and I both have emotional support animals that help us. My husband has severe panic attacks and scratches his face and arms, or bites his fingers, or bashes/slaps his head during a panic attack. His cat, which is well behaved and knows all his basic commands, is not allowed in most public settings because he is an ESA not a service animal. His emotional support animal shoves his way into ny husband's arms before a panic attack to stop it from happening. Service animals can only be a dog or a miniature horse, even if an ESA is fully trained, they can only be registered as a service animal if they are one of those two animals. An ESA dog WILL be recognized as a service animal based on its species alone. I myself have a ferret, who also stops me from having panic attacks, and depression issues by cuddling with me. My husband and I are not allowed in most SHELTERS(we are homeless in New England) due to our emotional support animals, because shelters, even though they provide a temporary residency, go by the ADA and force people to sleep in the cold than allow them with their ESAs! Service animals under the CURRENT ADA laws can be asked to leave if they are not well behaved or are not hygenic(smells or using the bathroom in innapropriate places) so by adding emotional support animals under the service animal clause, businesses still will have the RIGHT to ask someone to leave if their animal is not being hygenic or behaving! Please sign this petition if you believe that emotional support animals should be recognized as Service animals under the ADA!

If you would like to help us with getting hotels, or warm weather gear in the meantime, please donate! Until ESAs are recognized, we are forced to sleep on the streets, and without at least a temporary residence, we cannot move forward because we are constantly worried about survival! We became homeless because Blake almost died and couldn't work anymore, and he was the main source of income. I became his caregiver, and we can't be separated. Please sign and share because we are far from the only ones in this situation. And please donate if you can, we are already experiencing weather below freezing in Massachusetts! 

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