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Resist Trump's Ban on Transgender People Serving in the Military

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On Wednesday, July 26th, President Trump made a policy announcement via Twitter that the US Government will no longer accept transgender people to serve "in any capacity in the U.S. Military." He claims that the cost and disruption of trans people in the military distract from the decisiveness and success of our armed forces. 

Donald Trump took a huge leap back into a dark place in history in his actions via Twitter today. In fact, President Harry Truman desegregated the armed forces on this exact day in 1948. Our President is not leading us forward, he is taking us miles behind the times. 

In 2016, the Pentagon conducted a study that found that health costs for transgender service members seeking hormone therapy or surgical treatment would make up 0.005–0.017% of the entire healthcare expenditures for the Department of Defense. Transgender service members are being told that their health care costs are a "burden" to the Department of Defense when the costs of their healthcare hardly make up 1% of the DoD's healthcare expenditures. 

There are an estimated 15,000+ transgender people in the U.S. Military. These courageous service members fight every day to protect our nation and are now being told that their bravery and sacrifice is invalid and unheard. Sign the petition to stand in solidarity with our transgender military service members and resist Trump's transphobic, bigoted ban. 

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