Petition Against the Trademark Term "Orgonite" - United Association Of Orgonite Artists

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Petition Against the Trademark Term "Orgonite" - United Association Of Orgonite Artists

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Over the past few weeks, a large amount Orgonite/orgone energy artists have been contacted by an associate of Karl Hans Welz. The trademark owner of the term "Orgonite" & "Orgone Generator". Many people have been given the option to not use the word and remove it from any type of social media, online store and/or content that contains the word. Pay a royalty fee to Mr.Karl Welz monthly to have exclusive permission rights to use the word, or instead use a variation of the term.

 The trademark has been in effect since 1996, but was recently just renewed. Originally the word " Orgonite" was a unique term, allowing it be trademarked, but no enforcement was made of the term since its initial trademark registration. As many of you know the term has been widely used and is widely used by many many people, from orgonite creators, to those interested in the art or within the same industry, such as crystals, natural stones and products. 

Due to this coming to our attention about the trademarking of the term "Orgonite" & "Orgone Generator" in the past few weeks, we have come together to form the United Association of Orgonite Artists (UAOA). We have filed an appeal to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) - specifically the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB). As the term "Orgonite" & "Orgone Genrators" has become a dictionary term also known as a generic term.Trademark Act Section 14(3)

Generic Term Definition - USPTO : A generic term is the common name for the products or services in connection with whch it is used, such as "salt" when used in connection with sodium chloride. A generic term is not capable of serving the essential trademark function of distinguishing the products or services of a business from the products or services of other businesses, and therefore cannot be afforded any legal protection. This is because there has to be some term which may generally be used by anyone—including other manufacturers—to refer to a product without using some organization's proprietary trademark. Marks which become generic after losing distinctive character are known as genericized trademarks.

We are asking for the help from the public to get as many people as possible to sign this petition to prove that the public also believes that the term" orgonite" & "orgone generators" are now classed as a dictionary term, and that the trademark should be cancelled. A great example of a term becoming generic would be doing a google search. There is thousands of people using the term "Orgonite". People class the product we create as orgonite, orgone pyramids, orgone generators,etc. It is also known by consumers and the general public as Orgonite. There is nothing descriptive or unique about this term. It is time we should all be able to use it freely. We ask for the USPTO to review this case and act accordingly.

We should not be forced to pay a royalty or to not use the terminology especially when it has become as wide spread as it has. We have friends who have lost their social media accounts and their online stores have been threatened to be shut down.

 History of Orgonite:

Orgonite a.k.a Orgone Energy was the term coined by Dr.Wilhelm Reich. 

Dr.Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a psychoanalyst who discovered and researched ORGONE, is known as a founding farther in this technology. The orgone energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich is said to convert harmful and dead life energy “DOR” (dead orgone energy)” into positive, fresh life energy “POR (positive orgone energy)”.The term/notion of ORGONE was derived by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, of the terms “organism” (organic energy).Orgone energy (also known as chi or life-energy): a universal, omnipresent, vibratory life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth.He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

Nikola Tesla also spoke of orgone energy, as an ether energy.

Moving Forward , Mr.Karl Hans Welz has been experimenting and working with orgone energy and devices of such for many years, he is well known in the orgonite community and he is very much respected. He has hundreds of hours in research and creates orgonite himself. We just disagree with is trademark and bully tactic enforcement of it, the term orgonite has become so generic and classed as a dictionary term, its time the trademark needs to be cancelled.

Carol & Don Croft are two people who are also highly respected in the orgonite community, they are behind what popularized and inspired many people to learn, and create orgonite. They stand with us on the subject of orgonite being trademark free.

Thank you. 


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This petition had 2,630 supporters

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