Overturn the 2nd Amendment

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Think guns are nothing but trouble? Sickened at the thought of arming our teachers? Embrace the extremism of love. Overturn the 2nd Amendment and make it much, much harder to acquire a gun in the United States.


Terrible arguments keep us in a terrible place as a country:

1. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."
Try telling that to every other developed country in the world that essentially bans guns and has a small small small fraction of gun deaths as America. Try telling that to Australia, a country of similar size and culture, who banned guns after a mass shooting 20 years ago and hasn't had another since.

2. "Trucks can be used to kill people too!"
Well if trucks weren't so essential to daily life then ban 'em as well.

3. "Guns are a safeguard against the government."
The government has tanks and stealth bombers. That argument stopped working a long time ago.

4. "It'll be like Prohibition with guns going underground."
We're not talking about a few drinks to get you buzzed - these are killing machines. In other developed countries we don't see a massive black market and half the population 3D printing guns in their basement. Of course there'll always be extremists who don't adapt. But the vast majority of society will adapt and be less violent & less paranoid for it.

5. "Common sense gun control!"
Nonsense. The NRA and their politicians aren't giving an inch. Such uncompromising madmen have left no room to negotiate and no room for half measures.

6. "Arm the teachers. Arm everyone."
Really? The answer to gun violence is...more guns? Where does the madness end? In Europe even many police don't need to carry guns. What kind of society do we want to live in? Conservatives dream of returning this country to how it was when they grew up...did their teachers carry guns in the classroom?

7. "That's unconstitutional!"
Err that's the whole purpose of amendments. It's time for a new one. Overturn the 2nd.

8. "Then only criminals will have guns."
Them and...those people called law enforcement. The fact is that your family is 2x-3x more likely to die by a gun if you have one in the house. The fact is that when Connecticut passed relatively strong (but still super weak) gun control after Sandy Hook its murder rate plummeted. As time goes on, less guns = less gun crime. The sooner we begin the better.

9. "It'll never happen."
That's what they said about Trump and Brexit. It's time to make our own statement.

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