Stop Elephant Poaching

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Elephant Poaching

“He dipped his plane in lower to check it out and was disgusted and displeased of what he saw the first pile of bones, elephant bones he counted the bones it was about 15-20 then more, then more” (Joshua Hammer). This article was about the Africa elephant poaching crisis. But besides Africa this is something happening all over and needs to be stopped. Are endangered species is going sooner and sooner because people are in “need” of ivory, though people are making a living on this cruel business, the loss on one of the most loved and previously worshiped animals is slowly being killed off this earth.

The elephants of earth are being killed slowly but surely. despite the ban people poaching elephants 10,000 elephants plus are being killed every year. One of the big reasons of this is explained “As human populations expand, more land is being converted to agriculture. So elephant habitat is shrinking and becoming more fragmented, and people and elephants are increasingly coming into contact - and conflict - with each other” ( It is very difficult to come up with a solution to a problem like this because you can't just make more land. But that isn't the solution at all, many people will read into this statement and say give the animals more space but in reality we simply have to stop killing them. The main purpose for killing these animals is for their ivory fixed tusks, but in reality ivory isn't needed for survival but rather for a highly paying job.

“From 2003-2014, with the exception of 2005, CITES reports have shown that estimated levels of illegal elephant killings in Central Africa have been occurring at unsustainable levels relative to natural population growth. This means that elephants in this region are dying faster than they are able to reproduce” ( Not being to reproduce presents the fact that there is not just one thing going wrong. They are being killed which is one reason that  they are going extinct but also the fact that the ones that are living are not able to reproduce presents a even bigger problem. With these elephants not reproducing presents the fact that ivory is becoming less and less making it more and more rare, elephants going extinct isn't just our problem, its the poachers as well.

“Elephant poaching has been happening wherever an elephant can be found. It is mainly sourced in Africa but closely related to the country of Tanzania”( Poachers use high powered weapons like guns and heavy shotguns to kill the elephants in the deserts of africa to be able to “get away” with leaving dead elephants everywhere in the land of Africa. This is a very hard topic to help on because of how big Africa really is and how many elephants there are around the world. It has been so bad recently that poachers have gone into wildlife sanctuaries and killed the elephants where it is more illegal then killing them in the wild. The poachers are realizing that less elephants are in the environment and they have gone to the dangerous extents to kill these animals anywhere, whenever.

Presenting all the negatives brings along solutions. What the government could do is stop using ivory for things if we do not need ivory then we will not kill the elephants. Another thing that could be done is start moving coup. les of elephants over to the United States or countries that work with them to keep the elephants alive. One other thing that could be done is put some sort or patrol in the dessert following these groups of elephants making sure nobody kills them. It would be a job that works for the government but if we have this then if someone shoots these elephants it would be easier to track them. But will leave you with this, is it worth an elephants life to buy a pool table or a piano? Is it worth sacrificing one of the worlds most previously worshiped animals? The elephant is history and helps the earth know more and more about our past. The choice is up to you on if you want these creatures to live or die.

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