Nationwide Gun Control Law

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After the horrifying event where seventeen aspiring lives were unfortunately taken from us in the Parkland Florida shooting, we are calling our government to take action and implement stronger gun control laws nationwide.

Out of all the states in the country. Massachusetts is the only state with strong legislations for gun control, and because of that, we have fewer instances of gun violence. Individuals also go through extreme background checks in order to obtain a handgun.

We are not saying that we should eliminate the second amendment. Rather we want to encourage the Federal Government to have better gun control laws across the United States. Look at Massachusetts as an example of how a state with strong gun control laws can 

Many lives have been lost, due to how easily guns can be purchased and put into the wrong hands. We need to act now because this has gone far enough. We cannot wait for another Sandyhook, Columbine, and Parkland to officially create laws.

What we would like our elected officials in Congress to do the following:

1. Banning assault weapons and bump stocks.

We saw in Las Vegas and in Florida that the shooters were able to purchase bump stocks turning an assault rifle into a semi-automatic weapon. If we ban bump stocks we can limit the damage the gun can inflict. Not only that we can stop a semi-automatic weapon from being in an individual's hands so freely.

2. Stricter background checks.

The Las Vegas and Parkland shooter have both been connected to having mental illnesses prior to the shootings. We need to make sure, those who purchase handguns are psychologically sound. It is recommendable that these background checks are done every three-four years. It is highly imperative that we carefully word the background check laws in order to avoid loopholes. People will likely use those loopholes in their favor to avoid going through background checks.

3. Set the gun purchase age limit to 21 years old.

No minor under any circumstances should be allowed to have a gun or a semi-automatic weapon in their possession. We need to treat gun control laws the same way we treat drinking laws. Anyone under the age of 21 should not be allowed to carry a gun as they are not old enough to do so.

We hope that with these points and the points made during the March For Our Lives Campaign can reach the Federal Government, and we can march towards a better future for the sake of our future children.