Federal legalization Could Heal The Nation

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 Federal support of state cannabis law is critical and the way the idea of legalization in all is  becoming more socially acceptable, it is inevitable for Federal Law not to consider passing.

Since the 1930's Federal Law has declared the use, sell and possession of Marijuana as an illegal substance to all that live in the United States. It ranks third most popular drug in America and is treated as a "scheduled" drug. That means our government has classified this specific substance to be a *schedule-1, it is highly addictive and, in their opinion, showing no medical value to society.

( I strongly disagree!)

Since 1981 bills have been introduced to reclassify Marijuana as a *schedule -2 substance that would permit for medical use and more easily researched or COMPLETELY  eliminate from the list of controlled substances. Federal needs to accept that the medical benefits can out weight the controversial risk and legalizing could bring positive outcomes for many suffering patients. 

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research in San Diego have studies and research proving safe and medical effectiveness when treating severe Autism, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer Cancer, Insomnia, Anxiety/ Depression, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, and arthritis.

FDA has approved prescription drugs to treat these symptoms and Disease that in fact harm us even more causing much more harmful side effects  and risk than medical marijuana would. Here are just 2 examples

  • Lunesta: a sleeping pill for insomniacs can leave you with burning or tingly hands, feet, arms, and legs along with Constipation, migraines, and mental problems. There is Benzodiazepines that bind certain parts of the GABA receptors or neurotransmitters that claim brain activity. This can result in horrible withdrawals and dependency. Can cause cognitive impairment and foggy headed when u wake up.
  • Cymbalta: a medicine for Fibromyalgia, can increase extreme fatigue, insomnia, liver damage, abnormal bleeding, severe migraines, upset stomach, and weight gain , and unnecessary unwanted thoughts (suicidal)

  .......BUT they are FDA approved  

The International Journal of Onocology published last year  in 2017, that there are studies showing medical cannabis can slow down tumor growth and indicated cannabinoids successfully killed cancer cells, and the benefits increase when combined with chemo treatment. CBD oils is a natural anti-nausea medicine that will ease stomach pain and increase appetite for the cancer patients.  

61% of Americans support  legalization of medical marijuana and 40% of U.S population already admitting using marijuana. 29 states including the District of Columbia have passed their own policies allowing medical use.

Marijuana has become legalized because of voters and legislators. What If we can change that? What if we can Federally legalize cannabis based on scientific evidence. There are studies linking Medical Marijuana has proved great results in relieving neurological disorders. 

Legalization at Federal level would help our nation immensely. If we can legalize it with the same manner and regulations of use and possession just as we legalized Alcohol and Tobacco, think of how many lives we can help.

 We urge Federal Law to take  consideration  of the positive medical benefits that could change the future of many patients if reclassified to Schedule 2 or eliminate completely from the controlled substance list.

 Thank you for your attention to this critical matter


Rosalia Santinelli


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