Cleaning of The Hennepin Canal

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The Hennepin Canal Located in Henry and Rock Island, have for the last several years. Been overtaken by Green Hair Algae this Algae makes it impossible to Canoe or Boat the Algae clogs up motor shafts, oars, and fishing lines. The Canal also needs to be dredge in many place as it has depths at only 12" to 18" deep.

The polluting that causes this problem needs to be addressed the canal also needs to be cleaned and dredged out as it is also being filled in and in lots of places it is only 12 to 18 inches deep

I started this petition because...
As someone who has worked in Water and wastewater for over 20 years the look of this Canal makes me just sad to look at I as a young man used to love to fish this place and as a retired person I still do just wish I could enjoy it more