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Ban new installations of LED streetlights over 70 watts in the US

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LED street lights seem to be the next big thing when it comes to streetlighting, but is it a good thing? The answer would be no. White LEDs (Light Emmiting Diodes) emit a lot of blue wavelenghts. Even of they don't have a blue tinge to them, those blue wavelengths are still there. You know how they say staring at your phone screen, computer screen, or TV screens wreck your eyes? That's because the LEDs in there emit a lot of blue wavelengths. Just like LED streetlights. But with LED streetlights the light shines directly into your eyes from above, not diffused by anything. It's worse than staring into your screen. In the US as of 2017, 75% of adults use some form of vision correction.  Back in the 70s it was only 25%. This is because back in the seventies people never had LEDs in their streetlights or screens. Here is where I got those statistics so you know I'm not making things up:

While they are more efficient than most other light sources, they're not efficient enough to make damaging people's vision ok. They look bright when you look up at them but they don't put that much light on the ground. They're kind of like a fan that spins really fast but doesn't move much air. They put out more glare than light which makes it dangerous for drivers because it is to difficult to see. The Blue wavelengths also make it harder to fall asleep at night. They do a few other things to your health, see here:

 Another problem that I've seen is that led streetlights tend to not last that long. Instead of having ballasts with only two or three components like normal streetlights, they have drivers which have anywhere from 100 to 500 depending on the manufacturer and model. If there are more parts, there are more parts to fail. Instead of the problem being easy to locate normal ballast, it has  so many parts on the driver, it would take too much time to locate the failed part and it would just be replaced with a new one. That is wasteful. When LED streetlight fail, it goes one of two ways:

1. Light goes completely out.

2. Light flashes and is dangerous to people with epilepsy.

One woman in Calgary, Canada had seizures because of the LED streetlight in front of her house was flashing like crazy because the driver went bad, see here:


You're probably wondering if LED streetlights are so bad, why am I trying to ban only those over 70 Watts? This is because it would be impossible to ban all LED streetlights at once, I have to take steps. So please sign this and share it.

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