Free Satellite Internet for Iranian Freedom Fighters

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International Support for Iranian Democracy Activists

The Iranian people have risen against the tyranny of the ideological dictatorship of the ayatollahs, the regime that for 40 years has shouted “Death to America,” insisted that they want to remove Israel from the world map, launched all kinds of insurgency in Saudi Arabia, and taken Europe hostage.

Now the world needs to support the Iranian people, because they are doing what the world needs to do: they are trying to neutralize the greatest state sponsor of terrorism.

In order to achieve that, we believe the first step should be to grant the people of Iran free and unlimited access to the Internet so that they can send their message out to the world, especially in these historic hours when they have stood up to the oppressive regime across the nation. We sincerely hope that the United States of America will assist Iranian freedom fighters in their fight against tyranny and for democracy.


Iranian People