Stop the Use of Pregnant Mare Urine in Drugs

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Hormone Replacement Therapy is

  • Putting women's health at risk
  • Increasing the amount of foals sent to slaughter
  • Endangering the health of thousands of horses 

Hormone replacement therapy is used in women who are suffering from menopausal symptoms. It is most effective in treating hot flashes and osteoporosis. The most commonly prescribed HRT drugs are Premarin and Prempro. The problem with HRT drugs is that they use hormones that are derived from pregnant horse urine in order to manufacture the drug. This process leaves thousands of horses living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions where they are hardly able to move for the duration of their pregnancies. In addition to this the foals that are born as a byproduct of the industry are primarily sent to auction which is more often than not a road that leads to slaughter. Secondly, HRT drugs also have potentially dangerous side effects to the women using the drugs. This includes putting it’s user at a significantly higher risk for having a stroke, a heart attack, and getting breast cancer. Many would agree that the cons behind HRT are greater than the benefits, but yet it is still the most commonly used prescription medication used to treat menopausal symptoms. This is because women are given this prescription by their doctor and do not question how it’s manufactured or its effects. To help avoid women from blindly supporting an industry that might be against their morals, or from using a drug that could negatively impact their health, doctors should inform their patients about the risks and about the manufacturing process for HRT drugs. This will allow patients to make an informed decision about what they are putting in their bodies, and in turn hopefully will minimize the amount of horses needed for the production of such drugs.