Justice For 10-Year-Old Ta'Zyah Walker! Honor Roll Student Lost Memory after Anesthesia!

Justice For 10-Year-Old Ta'Zyah Walker! Honor Roll Student Lost Memory after Anesthesia!

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Little Ta’Zyah, an amazing 10-year-old recently went to St. Joseph hospital on March 3, 2021 to have an endoscopy. The procedure is usually a simply process but it turned out to be much more than that.

Ta’Zyah was discharged on March 6, 2021 with an altered mental state and unable to properly breathe. She now has long term and short term memory loss. Immediately following the procedure Ta’Zyah was unable to recollect anything.

Ta’Zyah didn't know who her mom was, her siblings, her godmother.  Ta’Zyah couldn't tell us the color of her home. Ta’Zyah couldn’t even remember the letters of the alphabet. Ta’Zyah’s memory has seemingly been completely wiped out.

To understand the depth of this issue you must understand that Ta’Zyah is an honor roll student. And now,  after the endoscopy at St. Joseph Hospital she can’t remember anything, not even the things which occurred the previous day.

To make matters worse, she doesn’t know  if she’s a boy or a girl at this point. To add to that, she is unable to even recognize herself in a picture.

Upon release from St. Joseph Hospital, all Ta’Zyah was discharged with was several asthma pumps due to wheezing.

Which is alarming because she never had asthma or any difficulty breathing prior to having this endoscopy at St. Joseph Hospital.

The doctor who perform the endoscopy stated  Ta'zyah began coughing heavily and wheezing while being sedated so much that they had to hold her head down to collect the samples.

Once the endoscopy was completed Ta'zyah woke up scared and confused.  Her doctor stated that it was the anesthesia (she was given propofol and Versed) they said to give it 5hrs. 5hrs came and she still was confused,

disoriented, and didn't remember anything. They then stated it can take up to 11 hours to wear off. Needless to say it never did. They then admitted her for observation. They did an MRI of her brain neck and heart and claimed they didn't find anything.

They then did a EEG where they placed leads on her head to record her brain activity which again they stated they didn't find anything.

They then requested that she see the psychiatrist because it can be a "behavioral" thing which was ridiculous because you can clearly see that it is not but we agreed to let her talk to the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist stated that you can clearly see that she truly does not remember anything and from her observation she has short and long term memory loss.

The doctor then decided to discharge her because they didn't know what to do, they never seen this before and done all they can so she will have to receive outpatient assistance (their exact words).

Her discharge papers states altered mental status s/p endoscopy, wheezing and a few other things. She went to get the procedure because she was vomiting for about two months and left with memory loss and there is nothing they can do for her.

They did admit and acknowledge that she came in perfectly fine  and that this happened after the procedure  while in their care.

But I guess they expect her mom to take this as her new reality with no answers as to what happened. they claim they don't know anything, if it is temporary, permanent, reversible NOTHING.

 They just sent her home a totally different child. In her mom and I opinion either they gave her to much anesthesia because with a Google search of Versed it says it can cause impaired memory and the gave her Versed and Propofol.

Or when they claimed she was coughing a lot during the procedure maybe she was aspirating and they didn't give her oxygen quick enough and starved her brain of oxygen. Ta’Zyah went into St. Joseph Hospital completely normal, happy.

She was an honor roll student and very intelligent. Something happened when St. Joseph Hospital performed that endoscopy and it left her with short term and long term memory loss. Please sign this petition and help us bring awareness to Ta’Zyah’s story.

There is a Go Fund Me account set up in her name to assist with medial expenses : https://www.gofundme.com/f/tazyahs-recovery-due-to-malpractice?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_lico%2Bupdate&fbclid=IwAR24Xve-nYt0Xmu7mv2Y931WEg2qhVchmjvWY6zb-VSSon8863bpz9P2k7o

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