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Make Puppy Flipping Illegal!

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Puppy or Dog Flipping is the act of deceptively acquiring dogs (or any animal for that regard) with the intent to sell the animal for profit unbeknownst to the original owner. 

While this practice isn't federally illegal, or illegal at all in most areas, it creates incredible amounts of stress on the animals, and puts them more at risk of being re-homed again, or worse, put into a kill shelter. 

Animal Flippers take in pets they find online for free or cheap, and sell them as soon as they can for as much profit as they can make. They have no chance to get to know the animals to be able to have accountability for their health and demeanor.

Often times, flippers end up with a surplus of animals they can't turn a profit on, and either dump them, put them in a shelter, or turn them over to dog fighters. 

Pets and pet owners need protective federal legislation to prohibit the act of fraudulently acquiring animals for profit. This legislation should provide guidelines for pet ownership transactions that takes steps to eliminate animal flipping. 

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