Make Giant African Land Snails legal as pets in The USA

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Giant African Land Snails are illegal in the United States because they are an invasive species. The reason why they are illegal as pets compared to other snails is because they are huge. The largest of them can become 14-15 inches long. This is very unfair because animals like cats and dogs, not native to the US, are legal and widespread (I love, and have, cats and a dog. I have nothing against them). Even animals like the alligator and crocodile monitor are legal in some states (both are capable of killing people easily) but a non toxic, non venomous, friendly, leaf eating snail is illegal. In Britain, they are legal but if they are released, the former owner would be fined. That is how it should be in the US because many people are allergic to mammals (cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs etc.) and these are a good replacement because they are friendly and social. They eat things like lettuce and cabbage, and almost every vegetable and fruit that is not citrus. If this petition get enough signatures, I will send a petition, first to Mr. Douglas H. Fisher, head of department of agriculture in New Jersey. If it passes through him, I will start another (much larger) petition to send to the head of the department for the country. 

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