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An End To Zoo Brutality

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The USDA is suppose to ensure the welfare of animals; there have been laws put into place on how zoos should be taking care of the animals. It is a law that in order to house exotic animals, you are required to have a license that states your zoo is in the right condition for the animals. Among the 2,400 animal enclosures licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, only about 212 are strictly following regulations of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Zoos are a monstrous place, they should not be a form of entertainment. A horrible new trend has started up in Zoos across the world. Zoo Keepers are beginning to shoot and kill healthy animals and then the animal is dissected in public and fed to other animals. Transferring animals from zoo to zoo in simple words, kills them. Once an animal is brought into a new enclose that comes with new threats. Most often, animals are "bullied" by the current land owner and they are "beat up", sometimes even to the point where they need to be shot out of pain. As Americans I believe we should step up and put an end to zoos. The least we can do is make the enclosures feel more like where the animal originates from. I created this petition in hopes that the USDA will create a new law stating that all animals in zoos are required to be checked by a veterinarian. In this law, a member of the USDA will be present in the animal enclosure with a checklist ensuring the animal is being properly taken care of. This procedure should happen every two months. Please take the time to sign my petition and make this law possible, Thank You.

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