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The Albanian community living in Presheva Valley, Serbia, are being ethnically cleansed by sophisticated, but discreet methods. These methods have stripped them of many freedoms and rights -  that is, their ability to vote, access medical facilities & legal representation.

It is reported that these methods have extended to negligent homicides, for example, the tragic case of Dafina Fazliu Kamber, who bled to death whilst giving birth to her first child. Dafina was from Presheva, a Serbian region with a majority of Albanian inhabitants. 

Kosovo's Speaker of Parliament, Vjosa Osmani, made a Facebook post condemning Serbia's 'Silent Ethnic Cleansing' of Albanians. In addition, researchers at Exist News, such as Dr. Flora Ferati-Sachsenmaier, have also reported on the depopulation of Albanians in Presheva Valley by means of "passivation of residential addresses." More can be read at: Exit News: "Serbia is Depopulating Albanians in the Presevo Valley at Alarming Levels."

We ask that the United Nations intervenes as this is a humanitarian issue. In addition, we ask officials in Serbia to recognise their negligence in medical, legal, educational & registry fields to prevent this silent ethnic cleansing of Albanians. We also ask lawyers to pursue possible cases of negligence for the victims affected.