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BAN Sex Robots Before its too Late - Global Threat

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To be brief and on point.

Sex Robots are a big threat to the whole world, because.

To all countries of the world.

Anything that has Human Artificial Intelligence (Thinks like Human) and has hands and legs, can be used by its INVENTORS, hackers and even the owner to cause harm and even overthrow governments (learn from the movie iRobot) robots will carry arms soon.

To women:

This will totally separate married Men from Real Life Women and affect the Family and kids (skyrocket divorce rate)

To Men

A malfunctioned robot can eat up penis mistakenly

To Founder

Matt Mcmullen is a threat to himself and to the world, a first glance at him reminds me of all those made scientist in movies who always have ulterior motives in whatever they do, deploying robots allover the world waiting for a time to strike.

So if you think of the pleasures unhindered you can get from this toys consider the danger it poses on our family, countries, leaders and the world.

I expect more women than men petitioning along with me because you are largely been rivaled on ridiculously and if we are not careful we might go out of extinction.

I want it banned in general.

Thank You


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