No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!

No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!

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Disarmament Nuclear started this petition to United Nations and

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  • We strongly condemn any decision to test nuclear weapons and demand the United Nations and its member states to STOP nuclear testing and discussions surrounding it, with immediate effect, and abide by the "Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty" (CTBT).
  • We urge the students worldwide to come together against nuclear testing and support the ratification of the "Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons" (TPNW) from their respective countries.  

"What would you like the world leaders to do with the $73 billion that nuclear-armed states spent on their arsenal last year? Perhaps to eradicate poverty, provide employment opportunities, quality education, clean energy, and equal rights for all. 

Shouldn’t the testing be to accelerate the development of the COVID-19 vaccine? To save lives? Or to recuperate from a collapsing world economy?

In our past, the tremendous damage from nuclear disasters has cost people their lives and has threatened to damage society for ages to come. The next nuclear war will not only cause death but threaten the ‘extinction of death itself.’

We cannot fathom the destructive consequences that will follow. Thus, it is critical that members of the United Nations, especially the Security Council, enforces the message of “NO nuclear testing.”

Nuclear Disarmament Board of International Peace Studies' Students at Soka University, Japan.


Question: Who Are We?
We are students of International Peace Studies at Soka University, Japan who have formed the “Nuclear Disarmament Board” to raise our voices against Nuclear Weapons. We are of the view that Nuclear Weapons are dangerous, destabilizing, indiscriminate, and potentially catastrophic.

Question: Why are we doing this?
We recognize that nuclear weapons anywhere are a threat to life everywhere. Today’s nuclear weapons are hundreds of times more powerful than those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Right now there are 13,355  nuclear weapons in the hands of nine nations, about 2000 of these weapons are on high alert which means some of them can be launched within 15 minutes on command. Our future hangs on the precipice by the nuclear-armed states. 

COVID 19 pandemic has submerged the world, and the global economy while the security situation is deteriorating. At this crucial time, any conversation of testing a nuclear weapon is completely unfounded and misplaced. Therefore, we stand against it. 

Question: How can you contribute?
Like us, through this petition, you can make your voice (through signature) count. This petition is only as strong as each individual who is acknowledging this petition and their unwavering vision of a nuclear-weapon-free society. Additionally, we will continue our steps towards the ratification of TPNW and count on your support.

Question:  What ramifications does “just talking about” Nuclear Testing have?
It signals the world that the countries intend to develop new warheads and potentially new weapons systems to deliver these warheads. In response, it will lead to other nations to expand their arsenals as well. Even if the alleged talks of testing are ambiguous or doubtful, they create a domino effect intensifying perception of a potential threat and a sense of insecurity in the world.

Question: What is the impact on the security situation in the world if a test happens?

  1. It is a catastrophic regression in all discussions towards nuclear nonproliferation. Currently, 37 countries have ratified (and 81 countries have signed) the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). With 50 countries’ ratification/accession, TPNW will come into force*.
  2. One country conducting a test will break the testing moratorium, which will increase the chances of other countries testing their respective weapons. Also, the moratorium and ‘The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)’,  has restricted the induction of new warhead types and bans all nuclear explosions for both civilian and military purposes, in all environments. Though the treaty has not come into force yet, still UN Security Council resolution 2310 explicitly states that “a nuclear-weapon test explosion or any other nuclear explosion would defeat the object and purpose of the CTBT”;
  3. There are countries that have not perfected the weapon but it will give them an open license to test unperfected weapons.

Question: What are the effects of Nuclear Testing?
It leads to ionizing radiation, which kills or sickens those exposed, contaminates the environment, and has long-term health consequences, including cancer and genetic damage. Their widespread use in atmospheric testing has caused grave long-term consequences. Physicians project that some 2.4 million people worldwide will eventually die from cancers due to atmospheric nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1980.

Radioactivity generated by nuclear exposure. Radiation can lead to cancers and it might hereditary disorder. people can be exposed when they eat meat and milk from animals grazing on contaminated vegetation.
Further information can be found at

Question: How valid are the arguments of nuclear ‘deterrence’? Has the presence of Nuclear Weapons really prevented the Third World War

Nuclear weapons have become a symbol of power under the guise of deterrence. There is no confirmed testimony that the presence of nuclear weapons has prevented future wars and improved the security situation. On the contrary, the world came dangerously close to annihilation at the time of the Cold War between the two nuclear-armed superpowers. Further, nuclear weapons failed to deter the 9/11 attack on the US and various other violent conflicts happening around the world.

The theory of nuclear deterrence requires that the threat of use of nuclear weapons be credible. For this reason, over one thousand nuclear weapons were deployed on high alert in 2017. We must question whether a first strike is enough to justify a retaliation while knowing that further attacks will destroy both sides, eventually spreading to the whole world. Mutually assured destruction is counterproductive to the protection of society.

Meanwhile, conflicts can escalate rapidly and unpredictably resulting in insecure actors feeling vulnerable and be inclined to pre-attack and strike first, resulting in a failure of deterrence. Deterrence theory ignores the fact that leaders may behave in ways that are irrational, vengeful, and even self-destructive. Similarly, it ignores the fact that insufficient or faulty information may be used to make a decision. We should ask the world leaders, is this the only way to maintain peace and order in the world? Can living under a constant threat allow a flourishing life? 

Thus, having nuclear weapons ready for immediate use is an inherently defeatist idea. Nuclear weapons in these conditions are ticking time bombs from which we must remove the trigger.

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                               No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                                    (Text in Mandarin/普通话文字)

  • 我们强烈谴责一切核武器试验的动作,同时,我们敦促联合国及其成员们迅速采取行动,停止一切核试验以及相关讨论,并认真遵守《全面禁止核试验条约》(简称:“CTBT”)。
  • 我们呼吁全世界的学生们加入我们,共同抵制核试验,并声援促进《禁止核武器条约》(简称:“TPNW”)在各自国家内的通过生效。





創価大学 国际和平研究大学院·核裁军促进委员会



                            No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                                 (Text in Japanese/日本語のテキスト)


  • 私たちはいかなる核実験を行う決定も強く非難し、国連およびその加盟国に対して核実験およびそれを取り巻く議論を即時に停止し、「包括的核実験禁止条約」(CTBT)を遵守するよう強く要求します。
  • 私たちは世界中の学生に対して核実験に対抗して連帯し、それぞれの国による「核兵器禁止条約」(TPNW)の批准を支持するよう強く要請します。 

核保有国が昨年軍事費として費やした730億ドルを、各国の指導者にどのように使ってほしいと皆さんは望みますか? おそらく、貧困の根絶や雇用機会の創出、高度な教育、クリーンエネルギー、すべての人への平等な権利でしょう。 

また、新型コロナウイルスのワクチン開発を促す実験こそなされるべきではないのでしょうか? 命を守るために、あるいは崩壊した世界経済を立て直すために。

過去に原子力の災害によって人々の命を犠牲にする甚大な被害があり、長年、社会に損害を与え続けています。次に核戦争が起こったとすれば、死を引き起こすにとどまらず、「人類自らの大量死による絶滅」 をもたらす恐れがあります。


創価大学 国際平和学 核軍備撤廃委員会


                             No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                                    (Text in French/Texte en français)

                 NON aux essais nucléaires ni aujourd’hui et à jamais!

  • Nous condamnons fermement toute décision de tester des armes nucléaires et demandons à l'Organisation des Nations Unies et à ses États membres d’arrêter les essais nucléaires et les discussions qui les entourent, avec effet immédiat, et de respecter le Traité d'interdiction complète des essais nucléaires (TICE).
  • Nous pressons les étudiants du monde entier à s’unir contre les essais nucléaires et à soutenir la ratification du Traité sur l'interdiction des armes nucléaires (TPNW) à partir de leurs pays respectifs.

Qu'aimeriez-vous que les dirigeants du monde fassent avec les 73 milliards de dollars que les États dotés d'armes nucléaires ont dépensés l'année dernière sur leur arsenal ? Peut-être éliminer la pauvreté, offrir des possibilités d'emploi, une éducation de qualité, une énergie propre et des droits égaux pour tous ?

Les essais ne devraient-ils pas servir à accélérer le développement du vaccin contre la COVID-19 ? À sauver des vies ? Ou à revigorer l’économie mondiale qui s'effondre ?

Dans le passé, les dégâts effroyables causés par les catastrophes nucléaires ont coûté la vie à de nombreux innocents et ont menacé de détruire la société pour les siècles à venir. La prochaine guerre nucléaire n’entraînera pas seulement la mort, mais l’extinction de la mort elle-même.

Nous ne pouvons même pas imaginer les conséquences destructrices qui s’en suivraient. Il est alors impératif que les membres des Nations Unies, en particulier ceux du Conseil de sécurité, appliquent le message «AUCUN essai nucléaire».

Le Conseil de désarmement nucléaire des étudiants d’International Peace Studies à Soka University.


                          No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                              (Text in Spanish/Texto en español)

  • Condenamos rotundamente cualquier decisión de llevar a cabo pruebas nucleares y demandamos a las Naciones Unidas y a sus Estados Miembros el cese de las pruebas nucleares y cualquier discusión al respecto, de forma inmediata, y se acate el "Tratado de Prohibición Completa de los Ensayos Nucleares" (TPCEN, o CTBT por sus siglas en Inglés "Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty")
  • Pedimos a los estudiantes de todo el mundo que se unan en la lucha contra las pruebas nucleares y apoyen la ratificación del "Tratado sobre la Prohibición de las Armas Nucleares" (TPNW por sus siglas en Inglés "Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons") desde sus respectivos países.

¿Qué querrías que hicieran los líderes mundiales con los $73 mil millones de dólares que las potencias nucleares gastaron el año pasado en sus arsenales?

Quizás les gustaría usar este dinero para erradicar la pobreza, generar oportunidades laborales y proveer un buen nivel de educación, energía renovable y derechos igualitarios para todos.

¿No creen que estos recursos deberían ser utilizados para acelerar la producción de una vacuna contra el Covid-19? ¿Para salvar vidas? ¿Para reanimar la colapsada economía global?

En el pasado, el enorme daño producido por desastres nucleares se ha pagado con vidas humanas y representó una amenaza para el futuro de la sociedad. El próximo conflicto nuclear no solo va a causar fatalidades sino que va a significar “la aniquilación de la noción de la muerte misma”

Es imposible prever la magnitud del daño y la pérdida que causaría. Por este motivo es indispensable que los miembros de las Naciones Unidas, especialmente su Consejo de Seguridad, firmemente acentúen y hagan cumplir el mensaje de “NO a las pruebas nucleares”.

Comité de estudiantes para el Desarme Nuclear de la carrera “Estudios internacionales para la Paz” en la universidad Soka.


                         No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                        (Text in Portuguese/Texto en portugués)

  • Nós exigimos das Organização das Nações Unidas e seus Estados-membros o banimento dos testes nucleares e discussões sobre este assunto, em caráter de  efeito imediato.
  • Nós apelamos aos estudantes ao redor do mundo para unam-se a nós na luta contra testes nucleares.

O que você gostaria de ter feito com os 73 bilhões de dólares que os Estados-membros portadores de armas nucleares gastaram com seus arsenais no último ano? Talvez você gostaria tê-los usado para erradicar a pobreza, prover energia limpa, equidades de direitos ou educação para todos.

Será que os testes a serem acelerados não deveriam ser aqueles para o desenvolvimento de uma vacina para o COVID-19, para salvar vidas? Ou para trazer à vida a economia mundial, que está colapsando? 

No passado, os terríveis danos provenientes dos desastres nucleares custaram as vidas de pessoas e ameaçaram danos à sociedade por muito tempo. A próxima guerra nuclear não apenas nos causará a morte, mas ameaça a nossa própria extinção.

Não podemos sequer mensurar a quantidade de perdas que isto iria causar. Além disso, é de extrema importância que os membros das Nações Unidas, especialmente o Conselho de Segurança, reforce a mensagem anti-testes nucleares”

Conselho de Desarmamento Nuclear dos estudantes de “Estudos Internacionais da Paz” da Universidade Soka.


                       No Nuclear Testing: Not Now, Not Ever!!
                              (Text in Filipino/Teksto sa Filipino)

  • Mariin naming kinu-kondena ang desisyong ilunsad ang nuclear weapons at hinihimok ang Samahan ng mga Nagkakaisang Bansa at ang mga kasaping estado na ipahinto ang paglulungsad ng nuclear testing at kahit anong pagtatalakay ukol dito, nang may agarang pagpapatupad, at sumunod sa Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty" (CTBT).
  • Hinikayat namin ang mga mag-aaral sa buong mundo na magkaisa upang labanan ang gagawing paglulunsad ng nuclear testing and suportahan ang pagpapatibay ng “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” (TPNW) mula sa kani-kanilang mga bansa.

Sa iyong palagay, saan mas nararapat ilaan ng mga bansa ang 73 bilyong dolar na ginastos para sa armas nuclear sa nakaraang taon lamang? Marahil upang malutas ang kahirapan, makapagbigay ng trabaho, maayos na kalidad ng edukasyon, malinis na kuryente, at pantay-pantay na karapatang pantao.

Hindi ba dapat gamitin ito upang mapabilis ang paggawa ng bakuna laban sa COVID-19? Upang mas makaligtas ng mga buhay? Upang maibalik ang ating pabagsak na ekonomiya?

Sa nakaraan, ang sakunang nukleyar ay nagdulot ng malawakang kawalan ng buhay at ng napakalaking pinsala sa ating lipunan. Ang susunod na digmaang nukleyar ay hindi lamang magdudulot ng kamatayan ngunit pati kawalan ng kamatayan. 

Tila hindi natin maisip ang tindi at dami ng pinsala na maari nitong maidulot. Kaya’t nagiging kritikal na maipatupad ng UN lalo na ang Kapulungang Panseguridad (Security Council) ang mensahe ng “No nuclear testing!”

Kapulungan para sa Pagsumamsim ng Sandatang Nukleyar ng mga Mag-aaral sa Pag-aaral ng Kapayapaan mula sa Soka University, Japan



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