Make Every Currency to JahCoins

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Bro, I truly believe that JahCoin© is an amazing investment, and I might even consider it to be "quirky tho". I was brought to this revelation when I was praying to my JahCoin© Shrine and X #LLJ� and I felt the presence of Jah come down on me. He slowly came up to me and undone my pants and underwear and jacked me off. I came in 69 seconds, and he cleaned the semen off the floor with one fierce and quick swipe of his hand. Jah #LLJ� faded back into my ceiling, cum dripping off him as he disappeared, and I was left with the realization that JahCoin© would be one of the greatest economical revelations of the century! I shared my story with others, and now the followers of JahCoin© will rise up and make it become the most commonly used currency in the world!