PLEASE SIGN: Reform the Discriminatory Quota System in Bangladesh Government Service

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                                   What Is Going On in Bangladesh?

                                 "Quota Reform Peaceful Movement"


          1. Since 17 February 2018 Students from Various Universities in Bangladesh started a peaceful movement against the discriminatory quota system in Bangladesh government job which was started in 1972. In this System like 56 % in the 1st class job, 61-70 % in the 2nd class job and more quota in 3rd & 4th class government job was kept for minority people. For example, freedom fighters' children and grandchildren enjoy 30% quota in the Bangladesh government service, although they are only 0.15% of the entire population in Bangladesh. On the contrary, 44% or even less than 44% recruitment taken on the basis of "merit". As a result, Most of the meritorious students are deprived of having good educational quality. The “Quota reform peaceful movement” was demanding a reasonable solution for the current quota system to reduce it up to 10-15 % for all kinds of the government job. As a result of the students' movement against this discriminatory quota system in the government job, the authority took time to solve this problem within 7th May 2018. On 11th April prime minister of Bangladesh (Shek Hasina) declared all quota will be abolished, though protesters were demanding reasonable reformation of the quota system.

Here are some links given below that Prime Minister promised:

 But it was not the ending

2.  On 30th June 2018. The students started the second phase of protests saying there has been no sign of quota reform implementation after three months had been passed since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's announcement in the Parliament. Protesting students came under several attacks by Bangladesh Chhatra League in Dhaka University and Rajshahi University. Members of quota reform movement scheduled a press briefing on June 30, 2018, at Dhaka University campus but could not hold it as they were attacked allegedly by the members of Bangladesh Chhatra League. Students demanding quota reform are being mercilessly beaten by Bangladesh Chhatra League activists at various universities across the country.

The links are given below:


3. From 30th June 2018. Ongoing

3.1 Many injured students went to hospitals but the hospital authority denied them to give any kinds of treatment. For example, the supreme leader of “Quota reform peaceful movement” Nurul Haque Nur changed his hospitals five times because of government threatening. He had to leave hospital at 2.00 AM under the threatening of government from his second hospital after the first hospital Dhaka medical college refused to give him treatment. Still, now he is not getting proper treatment. He is not in the public place to avoid any kinds of government interrogation.

3.2 Under what law, by what right, is the Bangladesh Chhatra League beating up the students? Why are the police a mere spectator in all this? Police were seen leaving the just as they saw the Bangladesh Chhatra League men coming to attack the protesters. Reportedly, a number of female students were also manhandled and even kicked. Was it a case of law enforcers leaving the ground so the lawbreakers could have their way?

3.3 Acknowledging that section 57 has been misused; the government has proposed to replace the law with a new Digital Security Act that they argue places some checks and balances on arrests over speech. However, the bill currently being considered by parliament will continue to significantly restrict freedom of speech in Bangladesh, Human Rights Watch said.

3.4 Students are arresting in a case filed under Information and Communication Technology (ICT) act which was very controversial among people for depriving them of freedom of speech. Students and innocent people are also being arrested and detained for online speech. Almost all the leaders of the Quota reform peaceful movement were arrested and they are now in prison after several days of remand.