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Extend Data Privacy resolutions to include Data OWNERSHIP

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Under Anti-Slavery laws it is illegal to own another person, but for some reason data about us, no matter how personal, isn't considered our own - and can be sold.  

If we wear fitness trackers, or even just log our diets in an app to get healthier, we are forced to sign away data about the most intimate processes of our bodies - to the companies that track it.  If we don't, our trackers, apps and gadgets are useless.  There are no checks on how that data can be used, and if profit means it will be used against us, we have no recourse.  

As wearable technology moves into mainstream adoption in first world cultures, this is a critical point that will decide how powerful a hold these technology and data companies can have over us, and our lives.  

Do you want to live in a world where you own your own body, including the data it generates, or are you happy to have to second guess the consequences of everything you do, and disconnect or change out of your wearables before you watch a scary movie because your health or life insurance company might get worried about your heart rate, and start charging you more?

I would like to see a resolution adopted that invests ownership of personal data - ie data that a reasonable person would choose to control access to, like health and contact information - irrevocably with the person it's about.  That person could grant access to their data to a company, so the majority of services and businesses would proceed as normal, but they would not then be able to on-sell it.

PS If sale of personal data, including contact information, becomes illegal, spam suddenly becomes harder too - and there are potential flow on benefits in reducing the chronic overload of communications channels.  Future technologies are covered by default, since only exceptions are defined.  Opportunities and situations for privacy violations are reduced as well.  Please consider opening this topic up for discussion and inclusion on your agenda at the earliest opportunity.

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