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#CrackerlessChristmas. Let's take a step forward to Better Tomorrow!

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The world is more and more concerned about the ecological justice and environment crisis. The fireworks and firecrackers are the one of the most means of causing smog and air, noise and waste pollution. There are many places where smoking is not allowed but fireworks are allowed which is hundred times more injurious to health than smoking. Smoking kills so also firecrackers.

Many of the firecrackers are produced under poor safety conditions. It is harmful for workers who works there and so also harmful for surrounding. There are indeed many steps which have been taken for creating pollution free environment but we need to stop these works which causes the utter harm to the health of people and harm creatures. We human can still can safeguard ourselves but birds and animals can't, the heavy noise of fireworks and the smog it produces affect almost all the animals.

I, as community leader, would like to proclaim to each and every people out there who are planning for Christmas Eve and New Year party with great cracking lots of crackers and fireworks. It will gonna harm you and your surrounding. With the time, the message of Christmas and the spirituality has just ripped off and only the secularization has been preached to the world. It is indeed festival of celebration and sharing Love with others then why don't we share LOVE of Christmas with our beloved nature and environment?

For all the Christians out there, I have message for you too. If you feel that there must be a fireworks and grand celebration on the Christmas day. You need to really need to consider rereading your Bible which clearly mentioned that the birth of Christ was humble birth in silent dark night. If you feel like to really bright up the world with light then I wish you could see the stars in the sky and thank you God that there's really no need of fireworks needed. I wish you too can understand the reality of Christmas is about spreading LOVE of Christ to people and to creation God has given to you.

I wish and invite all the people out there to join me in my campaign and in the work of making this earth a better place for our generation and generation to comes. I am sure they will be happier to experience same fresh air as you do on the Christmas instead of wearing gas masks for season. There are surely many more things we need to do to eradicate the climate change and pollution issues but we as whole community can surely work together by wishing #CrackerlessChristmas from now onward.

Let us all stand for the better environment, better creation, better future and better earth. Let's stand for #CrackerlessChristmas because we need to respond to the Cry of our creation.

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