Remove Dishonorable Amber Heard From 9th Annual Social Good Summit 2018

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This petition's goal is to ask the organizations involved in the Social Good Summit to remove Amber Heard from their list of speakers for the event, due to her many transgressions in recent years- transgressions that are the opposite of what this event is trying to achieve. Her addition to the list of speakers reflects badly on the event and the organizations involved.

When I saw that Amber Heard was scheduled to be a speaker at the 9th Annual Social Good Summit 2018, I was appalled and surprised. The Social Good Summit is an event jointly held by the United Nations Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, Mashable, and 92nd Street Y. These are organizations that pride themselves on things such as social change, community, human rights, growth, well-being, etc. The Social Good Summit is meant to aid in helping the United Nations achieve its Sustainable Development Goals, which are meant to bring about a better, more humane world. But there is nothing good or ethical about having Amber Heard speak at this event. Below are the many events and criminal acts that make Heard an unsuitable speaker for an event such as this one:

In 2009, Amber Heard was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence against her then-girlfriend Tasya Van Ree, after a female cop witnessed her grab Tasya's arm and hit her. Amber was not charged due to living out of state, but was told that she could still be charged within a two-year period. 

In 2015, Amber plead guilty and was prosecuted for illegally bringing her dogs into Australia, and providing a false immigration document upon entering the country. Amber was given the punishment of a $1000 one-month good behavior bond. Amber later issued a forced apology, but never owned up to her wrongdoing- having offered excuses upon excuses, all of them blaming someone or something other than her own judgement.

In November 2016, Heard was sued by the producers of the film London Fields, a film which she stars in. She was sued for breaching her contract and committing tortious interference. Heard was later sanctioned by a judge for close to $7000 after failing to show up at her deposition for the lawsuit.

This year, Amber tweeted out the following tweet which she later deleted, after many deemed it "racist": "Just heard there's an ICE checkpoint in hollywood, a few blocks from where I live. Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight." This tweet perpetuates the pervasive stereotype that Latinos in the United States are only "housekeepers, nannies and landscapers". Amber never apologized or owned up to her mistake.

Less than one month ago it was revealed in a court document, that in 2016, Amber's then-husband, Johnny Depp, made the claim in court that she punched him twice in the face. This claim, among many other things, has led many to wonder whether Amber was the actual abuser in their relationship (since she had previously claimed that Johnny abused her). There is a plethora of evidence, actions, and behavior that point to Amber as the abuser- only a few will be highlighted here. One, is her 2009 domestic violence arrest; unlike Amber, Johnny does not have any previous allegations or arrests concerning domestic violence. Abusers are known to re-offend. Two, when Amber filed for divorce on May 23rd, she cited "irreconcilable differences", and only came out with the allegations of domestic violence four days later. Three, the allegations came out on May 27th, three days after her and her lawyer sent an extortion letter to Johnny and his lawyer, demanding that Johnny give her what she want in the divorce, or else the allegations would be made public. Four, when police were called to Johnny and Amber's residence, they found no evidence that a crime had been committed, even though Johnny had supposedly thrown an iPhone at Amber, injuring her face. Five, after obtaining the temporary restraining order, releasing photographs and a video to the media (all of which do not prove anything), repeatedly missing her deposition, and submitting evidence, Heard dropped the allegations and the restraining order just days before a hearing was scheduled, that would have allow Amber a permanent restraining order. Heard had previously claimed that she was afraid of Johnny, and yet she refused to proceed with this. This was also after Amber had seen Johnny's evidence list that he was to present in court, which would have allowed him to prove his innocence. Six, during their relationship, Johnny put on a lot of weight, seemed to neglect his personal hygiene, and was always withdrawn and somber looking in public. These are all tell-tale signs of someone in an abusive relationship. Seven, all of Johnny's ex-wives and ex-partners came to his defense when the allegations came out. Just from these events, it can be seen why many believe Amber to be the guilty one. And if that is the case, it would make Amber's recent Instagram photos truly despicable. In one photo, Amber mocks Johnny's altering of the tattoo he had gotten on his knuckles in her honor. She has her fists out displaying her knuckles, with the caption "No Ink Needed". In the other photo, Amber is seen wearing a necklace that says "Happy". Nothing wrong with that, except the font and color is the exact same as Johnny's necklace with his mother's name on it. Johnny's mother died just a few days before Amber filed for divorce. If Johnny was indeed the victim in this relationship, Amber is no less than mocking and taunting her victim. It can also be said that if Johnny did indeed abuse her and she feared him, she would not be behaving in such a way that would provoke him like this. 

After the allegations came out against Johnny Depp, Amber branded herself an "activist", even though she herself was arrested for domestic violence and her allegations were never proven to be true. And if Amber is indeed guilty of abusing Johnny, her activism concerning domestic violence would be a lie, not to mention that it is already hypocritical of her to be a domestic violence activist. Many domestic violence survivors have come out saying that they do not want her speaking on their behalf because she is not a victim, she is a perpetrator. We must listen to these people. 

If you are still not convinced that Amber is an inappropriate person to have at the Social Good Summit because you believe her, or for whatever other reason, I urge you to ask yourselves what makes Amber a good candidate for speaker at the Social Good Summit. I urge you to ask yourselves why you believe her claims, but not Johnny Depp's. Her claims against him were never proven true, even before a judge, and his claims against her were never proven false, as Johnny was never given the opportunity to prove them in court. What makes her claims more believable than his? If his claims are ignored, that sends the message to men that their claims are not worthy. If you allow Amber to speak at this event, it sends the message that you are okay with abuse against men. In this age of #MeToo, you probably wouldn't even think twice about having a man with allegations against him removed from such an event. Do the same for abusive women. How fair is it that Amber gets to make a good name for herself through activism, but because of her claims, Johnny gets dragged through the mud? You are allowing her to continue to do this. 

Both men and women are capable of being abusers and predators. In this age of #MeToo we have have seen that both men and women can be victims. Feminism means equality and that means men and women should be treated the same, and both should be given the benefit of the doubt. That is why I looked at every article, every court document, every picture, every video that I could, before deciding who I felt was the guilty one. And ultimately, it is not up to me to decide, it is and was up to the courts. But you have the power to decide, based on information and evidence, whether or not Amber Heard represents something good, whether she is someone you would like to have speak at this event. You can set the example and tell the world that you are not okay with violence against anyone. People like Amber Heard do not deserve a voice, we must silence her and her lies.