Boycott China & South Korea for beastly and sadistic animal cruelty

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It was complained - because of racism & discrimination: misinterpretation.
Anyone who dealswith sentimental creatures in this way does not have to be surprised about severe protest. Other cruelties against animals are also punished ...
Every year in South Korea and China  million dogs and cats are brutally and sadistically tormented to death - I forgot the Philippines, Vietnam, and much more! According to official data, there are 17,000 dog and catfarms, abused for this purpose - I fear that the dark figure is much higher.

They are being cooked alive: there are videos - even on youtube, but beware: these pictures tear your heart apart! Seeing dogs jump out of the boiling water to avoid the pain -, unfortunately without success because the “butcher” is already waiting.

They are burned alive while they are lying defenseless and exhausted on the ground. They are burned with an open flame, or skinned alive, or peeled - in the truest sense of the word:

Imagine that you are peeled piece by piece the skin (skinned)! As you can see on the picture above, you run skinned over the market to escape!!!Alone, viewing this picture, you can see the strong will to survlive of these tortured and tortured animals!

I just miss the words ... In my opinion, those people who do that, and support this perversion, in addition, must be imprisoned at least for 10 years in jail - with no chance of probation ...

In many dogs tormented paws are “amputated” so that they cannot escape from their deathThe limbs are separated, and much more! They are often fixed with tape so they cannot bite, but most of these dogs and cats scream and cry until they lose their power.

A death struggle - reported from a reliable source -, can take from 20 to 40 hours. "The more they are tortured and tormented, the better you taste," and since this is obviously not enough, these poor creatures, and those who want to protect them, are publicly ridiculed!

Animal rights activists and animal lovers have been fighting against this bestiality for 10 years - without success! All moral suasionsand petitions aimed to finishing this sadismare usually ignored or blocked!

Now we ask you, General Secretary António Guterres, and the whole UN:
Please do not ignore our cries for help and the cries of these poor, tortured animals, and boycott internationally South Korea and China, and all other regions of the Boknal, DCMT.

Stop Yulin Forever: abolition of dogs and cats slaughterhouses, dogs and cats farms, and please ban this hideous animal cruelty worldwide, for ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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