A Petition urging the International Community to find Sagheer Ahmed Baloch.

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Its common for students to go college for higher studies.
Its common for students to try and get a good degree in order to make living for themselves and for families.
Its a matter of big fortune for students to get an admission in Karachi University.
Its common for them to sit in a canteen with their friends.

But if you are a Baloch then one horrific thing is also common and that is getting abducted for no reason. This is exactly what happened with Sagheer Baloch and now his sister is doing everything to get her brother back.

Sagheer Ahmed Baloch has been missing since November 20, 2017. He went to karachi university on November 20, 2017 to take the exam. After taking the exam he was having tea near the Visual Studies Department when some persons showed up in a car and two motorbikes. Two of them approached and took Sagheer Baloch Away. No one dared to help Sagheer. He was a second-year student in the Political Science Department.

Such incidents of Baloch students getting abducted from universities or even outside have become common in Pakistan. Once abducted, no information about their whereabouts comes out. Sometimes only the mutilated bodies of the missing Balochs are returned. Aware of this , Sagheer’s sister Hameeda is doing everything to get her brother back but the authorities have ignored all her appeals. Why are the cases of Baloch people enforced disappearance are not dealt with seriously?

Here is what Hameeda says:

“I did all what I could, to my brother Sagheer Baloch back. Be it raising slogans on the road or silent token-hunger strike, either rally or campaign, FIR , Petitions or court case but all in vain. I got no justice. If my brother is a criminal then he be tried by Pakistani courts.”

“I don’t want my brother’s Sagheer’s mutilated body like many other missing persons. I need justice, my brother is only a student, his abduction is a crime according to international law.”

These abductions are being carried out by the Intellegence Agencies (ISI) and that is why no action is taken against them. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) office-bearer Asad Iqbal Butt told Dawn that sometimes the HRCP received a “typical response” from the relevant authorities that "the missing person was not in their custody", but in the KU student’s case the rights body has not received any response from the authorities yet.

Hameeda is fighting day and night to find her brother. We request you to help her find Sagheer by signing this petition and urging the International Community to look into the matter.

Do spread the petition as fas as possible because Sagheer could be your brother too…