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Trading/Gifting System for CocoPPa Play

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CocoPPa Play is an app where you can dress up your very own selfy (avatar) and get items through the stores, by participating in events, and by playing gachas. There are times where you will play a gacha and will suddenly end up with doubles of an item. Or you receive an item your friend wanted and your friend has gotten something you wanted, but there's no way to send it to each other.

The origin of where CocoPPa Play has gotten their items from is called @games. It has the same concept that CocoPPa has, but it's mainly on a website and it's fully in Japanese. The reason I am bringing up @games is because it also has a mobile version called 'Pocket Land' and it has a trading/gifting system like the actual website. There used to be a website that was called 'TinierMe' and it was pretty much an American version of @games and it started with just a gifting system at first, and then it made a trading system. If CocoPPa's predecessors had them, then it too should be able to have them as well.

I'm sure that United Inc is probably worried about giving it's users a chance to exchange items because of some issues, but I have a few ideas on how to regulate it so that there won't be any problems. It is very easy to make a new account and receive a nice amount of free premium tickets that'll let you play gachas. I'm sure that United Inc stresses over the idea of people making a lof of new accounts just to play the gachas for free and then send their main account those items. I believe that they should make a level requirement to be able to use the trade system, like only players leveled at 50+ could trade items with others. Or if that's not good enough, the required level could be level 100+.

And if they prefer to only give their users a gifting system but are still worried about it, they could make it so that only people in the same club can gift each other or that only friends could gift friends. They could also give the gifting system a level requirement too if that'll help as well.

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