Make Aadhaar enrollment & update process smooth and hassle-free for everyone.

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I had to update mobile number and email with my Aadhaar number which is necessary today. I did some google search and learned that there are many Aadhaar Seva Kendras for this purpose. One evening I went to a permanent center in a post office but the concerned officer had already left and I was asked to come another day. After a week when I visited the center, I was said that the person was on a leave and I had to come another day. 

I went on to look for other centers in the city and went to HDFC bank where I was told that today's token are finished and come later. After that I went to MEO office and two e-seva center but got the same response. However at the MEO office a person told me that any enrollment or update for existing card holders is done by a token system and these tokens are given on the morning of each day. 

After holidays, I went to the nearest e-seva center and after standing in a queue the lady who was issuing the forms informed that as the tokens for the day are finished she cannot give any more forms to the remaining people. When I spoke to a fellow person, I came to know that people gathered there from 6:00 AM just to get a token (40 tokens in a day) when the center opens at 8:00 AM. Then started my search for other centers and even worse situation at the other e-seva where they had two counters for Aadhaar update and around 90 tokens for which 2 lengthy queues of 30+ people in each. After 2 minutes we were informed that the tokens were finished and to come another day. The sad part of this was many elder people, women and girls waiting for long time just to hear that they had to come another day.

I continued my travel and reached the MEO office which was the next nearest center. I was relieved seeing the queue here as around 10 people (Men, women and small children) were waiting but there was still more than 45 minutes for the center to open. As the time passed more people came and waited for the center to open. Even here a boy said he bad been waiting here since 6:00 AM so that he doesn't miss a token. 

I felt both angry and piety for those people who visit and wait at these centers hours before they open. Common people have no other option as Aadhaar is a must today and widely used today for Bank Account, EPF, Scholarships, SIM activation, Pension for elderly and many other government schemes are directly linked with it. I don't know how difficult it is for rural people get the services from Aadhaar centers which might be situated at much longer distances when compared to cities.

I would request the Government and concerned authorities in UIDAI to take this into consideration and make necessary actions to ease up the Aadhaar enrollment/ update process so that common man does not find it very challenging and time consuming. 

I was not aware of these situations at the centers and the people who want to get their Aadhaar corrected, updated or enrolled for children but when I myself faced these challenges, I decided to raise this issue and bring to the notice of the concerned authorities for support.