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The circus with animals is the worst form of maltreatment of domestic and wild animals in defiance to all national laws and Community care of these animals. Many cities in Italy and Europe have set up and are preparing legislation to prohibit the encampment of circuses with animals, under the new culture of respect for life in all its forms and, in particular, the lives of domestic and wild animals. Taking into account that many of these circuses force the animals to live in a few square meters such as tigers, lions, elephants, and other animals from five continents, some of them belonging to species in danger of extinction and subject to international protection laws. Taking into account that, for the financing of circuses, are spent millions of euro by individual EU member states and by the European Union itself every year, in our opinion, this money, should be spent to finance and encourage all types of circus arts which, conversely, don't provide for the use and the animals exploitation. Furthermore, taking into account the fact that the detention in captivity of these animals, goes exactly against to the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, I ask, on behalf of AIDAA and to thousands of Italian and European Union citizens, that the European Union put outlaw all circuses with animals, and concentrate efforts and economics aids for circuses without animals, providing them with the necessary assistance for the realization of circensi schools.
Lorenzo Croce, National AIDAA President and Antonella Brunetti, National Vice-President AIDAA Responsible of the "action": "ENOUGH WITH ANIMALS CIRCUSES".
AIDAA ( Italian Association Defense Animals and Ambience)

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