Road connectivity to all the villages in Meghalaya

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Most of us complain of bad roads. Can we imagine the state of several villages in Meghalaya, who have to walk for nearly 10Km on a hill to reach the nearest road? There are several such villages and I am not sure if any one knows how many of the villages are not connected. Though sweet and juicy Oranges from Shella Bholaganj region of East Khasi hills of Meghalaya are very famous, farmers are not keen to grow them any more. The most important reasons being lack of roads to reach the nearest market. Any commodity that is produced here has to be loaded on one's back to reach the weekly market at Sohra (Cherrapunjee).  As all of us know Cheranpunjee is the second wettest place on earth with average annual rainfall of 11,777mm ( For Mumbai, it is just 2422mm). Poor villagers travel in pouring rain on slippery slopes. In case of risky deliveries that require hospitalisation, only God knows what they do. In few of the villages, I have seen rope ways that were once used by these villagers for transportation. But now, they are no longer fit to use. These people are looking for the very basic infrastructure - roads. Please sign this petition so that they get access to roads.