Adopt Inland fisheries and aquaculture policy in India

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India offers a huge potential for aquaculture development. Different species of Indian carps catla   roho   and mrigal   contribute between 70% and 75% of the total freshwater fish production. In the 1950s, fish from the seas accounted for over 70% of India’s production, but now its share is halved. The freshwater aquaculture production in India comprises about 2.36 million ha of ponds and tanks and accounts for nearly 55% of the total fish production in India. Currently, only an estimated 40% of the available area is in use because of technical and market access issues. In freshwater fisheries sector, Production is mainly destined for the domestic market and processing of freshwater aquaculture produce is rare.

Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Welfare under Order F.No.35027/14/2016 drawing up a National Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture has been welcomed by sector experts and stakeholders. All stakeholders including Scientists, Academician, Social sector organisation and aquaculture industry submitted input to help the process led by Expert Committee to finalise draft National Inland and Aquaculture policy on 26-27 April, 2018 at CIFE, Mumbai. A specific, progressive and ecosystem facilitating policy for Inland fisheries and aquaculture sector are need of the hour.  During last seventy year, Inland fish production has grown manifold now contributes 70% of national fish production.

Government of India created a separate department for fisheries is a welcome step. New department, proposed inland fisheries policy along with Blue revolution scheme and Fisheries and Aquaculture development fund (FADF) will boost sector to be able to produce food, nutrition and employment opportunity for millions of people.

We submit request to the ministry and department to adopt proposed inland fisheries policy at the earliest and provide a specific timeframe to adopt same through all Indian States and UTs.

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