Bring back Cinnamon Spread

Bring back Cinnamon Spread

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Started by Mathew Torchia

I am full of grief. This grief has been generated by the newfound knowledge that Unilever has ceased production on my favorite product of all time: Cinnamon Spread.

I am afraid Unilever and Imperial do not understand the ramifications of what they’ve done. Allow me to explain:

Cinnamon Spread is the foundation of mine, and many other ‘90s kids’ childhood. Throughout our entire lives, this product has always been there. Growing up, we’ve faced numerous hardships other people did not have to deal with; technology being used as bully enhancement devices, school teachers not being paid enough, and in turn showing a lack of commitment towards the students, oh... and do I need to mention the horrific tragedy of 9/11?

Throughout all these hardships, there has always been one constant in our lives: Cinnamon Spread. While the world has been changing and shifting around us, we have always had that magnificent, smooth, sweet, delicious spread to keep us grounded.

Be removing this product, Unilever has essentially robbed us of the only thing in our lives we can count on. Have you noticed the state of the world? I’d hate to say that the disappearance of Cinnamon Spread and the rise of school shootings are related, but can you confirm they aren't?

I ask, humbled and broken. Please, help me bring back childlike whimsy. Please help me bring back security. Please help me bring back Cinnamon Spread.

7,876 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!