Petition to remove IKTPQ from UNIFY 2019

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For countless years there has been too many excuses and cover ups of misogynistic and inappropriate behaviour by men within the music industry. This persistent sexism has been once again shamefully highlighted by today’s comments from Michael Crafter, former vocalist of Australian hardcore band I Killed The Prom Queen. 

Women involved in or surrounded by the music scene; Are we going to allow some idiot like Michael Crafter to reduce us to a comment such as (quote)—

“Not giving someone a go cause it's feel sorry for women in bands week. I'm sure there's enough girls get finger banged in the tents to be happy enough about the festival"

This is unacceptable and our voices have influence. 

To categorise women to be shamed of sex with such vulgar language is appalling. This statement is an embarrassment to his peers and fans, most of which do not share the vile comments of a chauvinist who’s been given an rare opportunity to share the stage with old friends who have surpassed his career and dwindling relevance. 

To Unified Music Group and it’s relevant sponsors of UNIFIED GATHERING 2019:
Make the music community an accepting place for women. 

Remove IKTPQ from the UNIFY 2019 bill, apologise to the fans that support your event and set an example so females feel safe and welcome to attend the festival.

It's time to keep moving forward and not continue to allow these people a platform or a voice within this community. Sexism should no longer be tolerated and the companies still allowing this should be held responsible. 

Accountability is demanded by the people that sign this petition. We stand strong and proud to exist in the same space without fear of being sexually harassed on the basis of our gender. 

We shouldn’t have to wait for another generation to pass before the sexism in the music industry finally begins to look less structural and more like something else, a sad history that we FINALLY look back on after taking a strong and united stand. 


Credit to Martina Bailey Pitrun & Jordie Emmett.