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Add a softball emoji to Apple and Android devices

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To whom it may concern:

We propose that, the group that approves new emojis for use on Apple and Android devices, approve the addition of a softball emoji.

There has long been a baseball emoji. While baseball and softball share many similarities, softball (like baseball) is its own distinctive sport, worthy of its own distinctive emoji. The main difference in this request applicable to the emoji design is the color of the ball, which is optic yellow, rather than a white baseball. For emoji purposes, simply having a properly-colored ball to use in text messages and social media would be a huge help.

There are many other sports that have their own emojis that are much less mainstream than softball — such as billiards, bowling and fishing — and more smiley face emoji variations than one can count. We are not saying those don't all deserve their own emojis, but rather that softball deserves its own emoji, too.

Fastpitch softball is an Olympic sport, played by millions of girls and women around the world on hundreds of thousands of teams at the youth, high school, travel ball, college and professional levels. That alone should merit the addition of this emoji, we feel.

Thank you for your consideration.


The softball community

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