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Emojis have become central to our methods of communication – 92% of online consumers use emojis in their everyday messaging, and this is credited to helping them more accurately express their feelings or sentiments (Source: Adweek)

With 2019’s new emoji line up featuring an onion, a garlic, and even more obscurely, falafel, the Yes Peas! campaign, run by the British Growers Association in conjunction with Britain’s pea farmers, growers and freezers, is ap-pea-ling to the Unicode Consortium to consider their proposal for a new pea emoji (dubbed the pea-moji).

Other well-loved fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cucumber and corn are represented in the emoji keyboard, but not the humble pea! With over 700 pea farmers in Britain alone, we want to give the pea industry an emoji that represents the vegetable we all know and love. 

This Great British Pea Week (8th - 14th July 2019) we are hoping to encourage as many supporters to sign our petition as possible! We plan to submit our proposal to the Consortium at the end of the week and put it forward for their discussion.

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