We Want a Biscuit Emoji!

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Welp. We got shafted AGAIN, folks. In February, Unicode released its latest emoji update and CONSPICIOUSLY absent, yet again, was a warm, fluffy, flaky, made-from-scratch biscuit.

We've tried to be patient. I mean, there's a lot of bread out there to emojize. But it's been too long and the emojis they've rolled out in lieu of a biscuit have been TOO DAMN NICHE. Loaves and hoagies, pretzels and croissants - they've even got a freakin' dumpling! But no biscuit.

Perhaps they've just overlooked breakfast, right? WRONG. Take a peek at your emoji keyboard - it's essentially a 6AM buffet. Bacon. Pancakes. Eggs. MORE EGGS. You heard us right - they have TWO EGG EMOJIS. But no biscuits. Which is a shame because you know what goes great with two eggs? BISCUITS.

Anyway, that's why we're here. We want a biscuit emoji and we know you do, too. So join our embittered ranks against the Unicode Overlords! The blasé manner by which they've kept biscuits out of the conversation over the past several years isn't just insulting - it's wrong. We want a biscuit emoji. We deserve a biscuit emoji. And by God, we will GET a biscuit emoji.

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