The Silent Sufferer Will Finally Be Heard: Make the #AllergyFeels Emoji a Reality!

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Do you despise dust and dander? Do you cry around kittens? Do you recoil from ragweed? Are you petrified of pollen? Have you had it with hay fever? Are you sick of explaining that it’s not a cold, it’s allergies?

You are not alone.

More than 14 million Canadians, 50 million Americans and 400 million people[1] around the world are affected by seasonal or year-round allergies. In addition to dealing with itchy, watery eyes, runny noses, headaches and hives, allergy sufferers spend precious time and energy trying to explain the impact of their symptoms to others.

As experts in all things allergy, REACTINE® Canada understands how awful it can be to suffer from allergies. With 2/3 of allergy sufferers reporting that they aren’t currently happy with their allergy solutions, we also know that they’re frustrated. To add to that frustration, we hear that allergy sufferers feel misunderstood and unable to clearly convey the impact that allergies have on their daily life.  

That’s why we’ve filed a formal request for the inclusion of an “allergy emoji” to the Unicode Consortium and produced this petition. This is only the beginning. We are spearheading a broader movement to stand with you, make your voices heard and ensure that you suffer no more. Join us in signing this petition AND sharing your #AllergyFeels stories to help make the allergy emoji a reality and the community of allergy sufferers better understood.