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Bagel Emoji Petition

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The Bagel. A doughy delight with a rich history of pleasing people the world over. From Warsaw to Williamsburg the bagel has been a staple food for locals for over 400 years. It has swept across nations and taken over entire cities.


Bagels have been overlooked in the emoji world for too long. Despite consuming over 320 million each year, bagels are yet to make the digital leap. Just how are the public meant to celebrate National Bagel Day each year without being able to express their love in a visual format? A picture speaks 1000 words after all. Our full range of bagel emojis not only visualises bagels, but diversity. With a range of flavours and varieties there is a bagel to represent us all.


There also still exists a huge range of useless emojis. Do you really need 4 different coloured notebooks? 16 variations of cyclist? A dragon (and a close-up of a dragon)? A horizontal traffic light? (these don’t even exist in real life). A single paper clip, and a double paper clip? Seriously?!


We won’t continue to point out the very large bagel hole in the emoji world. If you are out there, feeling as sad as we are about the lack of bagels in emoji land, then we urge you to sign this petition in the name of bagel lovers worldwide.

We thank you for your time. Stay doughy.

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