Review the unduly lienient sentence of the driver that killed 2 teenagers .

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I am wanting the unduly lienient 12 month sentence the 19 year old driver of the car that crashed and killed my 17 year old son Rhogan Jones the drivers aquaintence  and 16 year old girl Levi Dickinson  who was the drivers girlfriend of a few months  reviewed . As he caused the death of 2 teenagers . He had no licence only a provisional which neither passengers knew about when they got in that car . He has shown no remorse if anything arrogance , abuse and threatening towards both families . He continued to live his life partying , family holidays , socialising , writing on social media , forming a new relationship within 2 months of the accident . Even bringing the new girlfriend to court ! But played the victim card saying he wasnt functioning , suicidal , not sleeping or eating ! Well thats the biggest lie as previously stated could you do all those things ? Knowing you caused the death of 2 children i think not . The sentence was an insult to our children and the jusice system wheres the deterrent ? Wheres the recognition of 2 childrens lives? We were told 4 weeks previous to the actual sentencing in magistrates courts by a district judge that this offence was borderline dangerous and high tier sentencing so had to go to crown court then to get to crown court to be told it was a 2 hour hearing that would lay out everything about that night some very disturbing things would be said but it was what had to happen so you prepare yourself to get there and the whole thing be wrapped up in 15 minutes ! And the sentence was so low it could of been given in magistates court!  I still dont know the details of my sons death did he die instantly ? Did he cry out for me ? That haunts me daily . The whole case was a done deal before we stepped in that courtroom . CPS never argued the facts we had told them in fact you would think she was defending him . I was appauled by the whole process . The judge even said i know your truely remorseful ! Im sorry  but that is blatantly not the case. So please could you sign this petition and help the 2 victims and us as parents get some justice . I know it wont bring my son back or the young girl either but it might stop a young man getting into a car pretending hes passed his test taking one of your children for a drive as the only way to stop this is to do something and make a change. The worse thing a parent could ever do apart from buring a child is to see them after a horrific accident i know as ive done both . Standing there working out is it your child ? As they were completley broken unrecognizeable its something that lives with you forever . Ive lost the luxury of my son watching him grow into a man , marriage , grandchildren . Im left with memories and saddness I cant speak for Levis parents or family but i know its the same for them the sheer devastation caused by one person . This whole thing should never of happend

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