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Allow Kids To Play Horror Games At School

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Horror games have a lot of details and even more elements, but one of them is permanent. The puzzles are the main components that require a high level of the player’s attention and we can say that they make these games only better. Sadly, some of them are very complicated and they require a lot of time (sometimes even cheating) to be solved. Don’t lose hope if you cannot solve a puzzle. Some of them are developed just to take a lot of your time, and they even cannot be explained.

However, we have some common puzzles in horror scary games that require a lot of attention, but they are based on logic so solving them isn’t an issue. The main thing here is to identify them. In some cases, you will get into a room where you must do something in order to exit, but what? Let’s help you with the common puzzles.

Most common puzzles

Most puzzles in horror flash games are related to doors or hatches. In essence, you will have to solve a puzzle in order to get to the next level. Well, some of the most common puzzles, regarding this type is to press buttons in a specific order or to pull knobs. These are not the simplest puzzles to solve, but they are addictive. Note: In order to solve them, you can write codes, so you don’t waste time on one code several times.

Moving boxes or statues is probably the most popular type of puzzles, found in horror online games. They are more than just good due to the fact they are simpler, but they need more time to complete. Here, you should look up. This type of puzzles is all about reaching the higher ground.

Decrypting documents is one of harder puzzles. No matter where and when you are playing a game of this type, pay close attention to the items and devices which may be used to decrypt a document. In addition, getting your hands on decryption key is mandatory.

Equalizing pressure is rarely used, but they are still present in some zombie games. Here, you will have to turn the dials or move the knobs in order to equalize the pressure in a room. As you may believe, this is a time-consuming method and it is more than just annoying, until you complete it.

Monsters and puzzles

One tip that we will share with you is that horror free games rarely link monsters and puzzles. It means that if you shouldn’t waste your time on looking for a puzzle while fighting a monster. Developers claim that this is an important because players claim that using a monster to solve a puzzle is boring and it kills the tension.

In most cases, a puzzle is located before a monster, so you must solve it in order to get the access to a boss (monster). Make sure you don’t lose your inventory items while completing a puzzle. You will need them.

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