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URGENT To UN Secretary General to Immediately fulfill demands of #ParachinarBlast victims.

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  •    Honorable UN Secretary General (cc COAS Chief of Army Staff ,PM and Interior Minster Government of Pakistan).
  • Highlight this issue request to all concern stake holders especially CIVIL SOCIETY MEDIA & HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS.

Through this open letter/petition, we, half-a-million population of Kurram Agency, capital Parachinar and surroundings located on Afghanistan Pakian border, want to draw the attention of the UN Secretary General to put pressure on government of Pakistan to immediately fulfill demands of peaceful sit in protest at #PARACHINAR. With addition we  also appeal media and civil society and human rights organizations towards inhuman behavior being meted out with the victims of twin blats occurred at #Parachinar on Friday 23 June 2017 blood bath in which more than 100 innocent civilians murdered and hundreds injured after twin blasts in the presence of security forces and after that by direct firing of security forces on victims and oppressed civilians an example of worse type of state sponsor terrorism.

Worth mentioning since Gen: Zia dictator regime in the decades of 1980s innocent civilians of Parachinar are facing state sponsored terrorism in the hands of so called good militants actually Takferi terrorists then time Jihadis and today's #taliban #is #sipahesahaba #haqaninetwork  #lashkarejhangvi (#ttp #is  #Let #ssp #aswj #lej ) the reason people of Parachinar being shia muslims resisted and did not accepted the terrorists extremists version of Islam simply brutality and takferi mindset.That is why we demand #Justice4Parachinar  Victims of #Parachinarblast

According to global human rights freedom of speech with addition to 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, every citizen has rights for freedom of speech, though or belief with addition to protection of life and property of every citizen of pakistan. If people of #Parachinar raise voice against violence in our city, bomb blasting and suicide attacks on our people(Worth mentioning only in year 2017 first six months four blasts occurred murdering hundreds of innocent civilians and thousands of injured in the presence of strict security measures checking of male female civilians dozens of security check posts which is big question and matter of concern).

This is our right to raise voice. According to constitution Security Forces and local administration are not supposed to kill innocent people when they demand peace and basic rights. If they kill, this is a complete failure of the Government of Pakistan to protect citizens.

Parachinar is land of patriotic Pakistanis turi Bangash tribals sacrficed for the Pakistan since its foundation and even before foundation of Pakistan elders of Parachinar met MA Jinnah at Delhi encouraged Quaid e azam MA Jinnah to make Pakistan ,But Pakistani Government does not want peace in our city even responsible govt and security forces FC official Commandant of Kurram Militia/FC named Col open orders direct fire on local people? Not this all happened for the first time but many times Kurram Militia (Frontier Corps) and Administration opened fires on local citizens.


We demand UN Secretary General to take immediate action pressurizing Govt of Pakistan especially COAS Army chief and Prime Minster of Pakistan to go to Parachinar by fulfilling demands of thousands of people and victims of Terrorism by ending violence in our city and accept all of our legal demands.(Request all to pl sign Fwd and SHARE this petition). THANKS. 

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