Find Kandy’s drugged dogs

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Around 40 dogs were taken from outside Sri Lanka’s holiest Buddhist temple, The Temple of the Tooth, in Kandy on February 16th and 17th 2019.

The ones who were seen by many seemed to be woozy, some found dying and understood to have been injected with strong sedatives following reports of a tourist being bitten after falling on a dog while taking a selfie.  If you fall on top of any animal, getting bitten is understandably the reaction you will get. 

The location of the dogs - which are all cared for, spayed and vaccinated - is still unknown. 

It is also unclear who is responsible for overdosing the animals with sedatives as the Governor, Mayor, and those who run the temple are denying all knowledge. 

We the undersigned refuse to visit the temple and Kandy, and are calling on others to do the same, until the dogs are found.

We want the Governor, Mayor and those who run the temple to give firm assurance this won't be repeated. 

Many tourists visit Sri Lanka because it is a Buddhist country and due to the peaceful, animal loving nature of the religion. 

The dogs lives should not be harmed, ever.

Kandy community dogs are all neutered and fully vaccinated as part of an ongoing spay/vaccination program run by KACPAW with the Kandy Municipal Council. The area is a model of dog population control via spaying. This should never have happened.