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Strip Halal Monitoring Committee UK Of Its Charity Status!

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I am an animal rights campaigner from Birmingham, UK.  A few months ago an abattoir operated by Mr Meats (Halal) Wholesale Ltd (Central Meats Company LTD), Birmingham was finally shut down after the Food Standards Agency found 'serious deficiences" on site. 

These 'serious deficiences' were animal cruelty and serious breaches of health and hygiene.  In spite of record number of complaints from local business owners, the Food Standards Agency did not act swiftly and decisively.  See newspaper article below for further details.

It was not until a local Conservative Party councilor intervened, did the FSA do their job.  The abattoir is now closed and I am having the FSA's failings investigated at the highest level.

It was brought to my attention that Mr Meats Wholesale Ltd is a member of Halal Monitoring Committee UK.  This is a self-appointed registered charity that regulates the halal industry.  Its objective according to its website is to ensure its members comply with strict UK health, safety and hygiene practices.

Halal meat companies pay a huge amount of money in fees to the HMC UK for its Abattoir and Slaughterhouse (Inspection Cost Recovery) Membership.  In return the HMC UK promises to have 2-4 HMC UK meat inspectors in members' abattoirs.  These HMC UK inspectors ensure strict hygiene laws are practiced.

This begs the question why was Mr Meats Wholesale Ltd Digbeth slaughterhouse allowed to reach this horrific state? In other words the HMC UK turned a blind eye to the filth and cruelty.  They failed to deliver a high service and were in breach of their own regulations!

I have of course raised these concerns with the Food Standards Agency, my local M.P, and I have contacted HMC UK for answers.  Also I have contacted the Charity Commission to strip HMC UK of its charity status.

There is absolutely no reason why this privately owned, incompetent, and completely unnecessary organisation should be a registered charity.  It charges its members a huge fee and fails to deliver a high standard of service.  This organisation has done more harm than good.  Halal companies who take out membership must practice no pre slaughter stunning in their slaughterhouses.  This is one of the compulsory requirements by the HMC UK.

It is this organsiation that is preventing the introduction of pre-stun in all UK halal abattoirs.

It has failed to provide the general public with a high standard product processed in a clean and regulated environment.  The HMC UK sticker is trusted by many halal meat consumers.  Little do they realise how incompetent the HMC UK is. 

The HMC UK has done more harm than good.  Firstly, it refuses to honour the Humane Slaughter Act.  It condemns, every day thousands of calves, sheep, cattle, goats and poultry to a slow and painful slaughter in its members' abattoirs.  To add insult to injury, chances are British livestock will end up in filthy and incompetent halal abattoirs.

Secondly, again and again its member halal companies are failing to comply with strict UK health. safety and hygiene practices.  Just a few days ago Birmingham Halal (Pak Mecca Ltd) was taken to court by the FSA and fined for serious hygiene breaches.  This company is member of HMC UK.

In the end it is the Environmental Health Service, Food Standards Agency and the RSPCA who have to pick up the pieces in halal abattoirs, that are again and again failing to comply with even basic animal welfare and hygiene laws.

The Halal Monitoring Committee UK must have their status as a registered charity taken away.  This company does nothing charitable.  It is putting the general public at risk and condemns our British livestock to a slow and painful death.  It has no intention of implementing the Humane Slaughter Act in its members' abattoirs.  It is a very lucrative business that is charging members for a completely unneccessary and incompetent service. This organisation must go!





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