Woman in the UK should be routinely checked for GBS (Group B Streptococcus) from 35 weeks.

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Every woman in the UK should be offered a test for Group B Strep from 35 weeks. The bacteria can come and go so this would be the most accurate way of testing.

On average in the UK, at least

two babies a day develop a group B Strep infection

one baby a week dies from their GBS infection, and

one baby a week survives with long-term disabilities – physical, mental or both.

The figures speak for themselves, its such a dangerous infection if contracted by a baby. iv seen first hand what it can do, our baby contracted it at birth, luckily quick actions by the doctors meant he was put on a course of antibiotics and treated successfully. Its not like it wasnt a hard road though it was the hardest week of our lives. Some babies arnt so lucky and i want to stop this.

You can buy a test here, https://www.strepelle.com/

the cost is currently £39.99.

hopefully with enough signatures this important change will happen.

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