Vets should legally have to offer/ accept payment plans.

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There have been a number of stories on the news/on social media/ personal posts about how a person has been refused vet treatment or had their beloved pet put down in front of their eyes all because they didn't have the funds at that minute. 

Today I experienced one of the worst days of my life. My little boy Gomez got fatally poorly in the space of a few hours. I was told the consultation fee alone was £150, that £150 covered the cost of the vet eyeballing him, prodding his belly and listening to his heart.  I explained I currently only had enough money to pay a bit towards it and straight away without a blink of an eye he responded with "if you don't have the money we will put him to sleep".

I personally don't know everyone's finances however I can tell you from multiple experiences whether you have a well paid full time job, are on benefits or are making ends meet; YOU DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THE MONEY. For one reason or another, which is none of my business, people are sometimes just not finanially stable. 

You can argue "well get insurance then" but some insurance doesn't cover everything. Then even with insurance you still have to pay it all out right out of your money to then have it refunded to you (partially as the vets take admin fees and other fees so then a chunk of that has gone).

I'm not saying people should get their vet treatment for free, although in an ideal world whether you're a human or an animal health care would be free. I'm saying that for these people that have had this unexpected turn of events, there should be a system so you can put a payment plan in place. 

If I can pay weekly instalments on a television, then I should be able to pay my vet bills weekly if I cannot afford to pay them in full at the time. How has a television become more important than a life.

There are countless adverts that are trying to get people to adopt from shelters. More people would adopt these abandoned pets if they knew there was a safety net. The first thing people think about when getting a pet is "can I afford the vet bills and the food". If people had a saftey net so that they knew they could still get the treatment they need during tough times when their pet has an accident or sudden illness more animals would be re-homed. 

Many animals are being put to sleep when they are otherwise perfectly healthy happy animals, all because money is more important than the pets well being. 

If these were humans we would never be put to sleep, we would get the help and care we need regardless of the situation.

Veterinary clinics, both emergency and non-emergency need to have to legally offer a payment plan to those who are in need of it. 

Please support me in this so we can prevent these animals from having their life terminated over a matter of being able to pay the money at the time.