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VAN & TOOL THEFT! Action urgently needed!!!

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I care about this because I'm a victim. As are thousands of other hard working British tradesmen and women. It effects people's families. People's income. People's livelihood. I understand that in the current climate with budget cuts to police forces that resources are limited but something needs to be done! At the moment NOTHING IS BEING DONE!  A dozen vans in my housing estate have been broken into in the last few months. A crime number is issued and that's it. This has caused me  more stress than anyone can imagine. Just looking at the statistics for this in Kent alone makes worrying reading. 

I'm calling for a complete BAN in this country of the sale of industrial tools without proof of purchase on all platforms. 

I believe this is a simple action to take that, although would not completely stop van theft, would take away a huge incentive of what makes stealing someone's livelihood so encouraging. People would be free to sell their genuine 2nd hand tools as long as they provide a receipt. People will become aware of the importance of keeping paperwork once tools have been purchased. Boot Fair organisers would risk being shut down and/or hefty fines.

Such a simple solution. Ebay could do more to help by providing a simple check box to state that the seller has the necessary paperwork, or the item does not get published. 

Let's stop these disgusting criminals from acting beyond the law and rolling up at Boot Fairs across the country with everybody's hard earned possessions scattered out on a sheet for people who can't resist a bargain and, in my opinion, are nearly as bad as the criminals themselves. 

Everyone knows a handful of people who have been affected by this, so please please lets do something that wouldn't cost anyone and get these statistics down!  


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