UK to Withdraw from UN Migration Treaty

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A petition for the UK to follow the US, Austria, Hungary and possibly Poland in withdrawing from the United Nations pact called the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, in which the final document is to be signed in December.

Due to the UK being a desirable country for migrants, it has lead to unsustainable immigration, in which the Government has ignored the concerns of the public for decades regarding the many negative aspects of mass-immigration. One of the main reasons people voted to leave the European Union was due to uncontrollable mass-immigration, which the Leave Campaign said the Government would have better control of after leaving the EU. Signing this UN treaty would take away the power of the Government to control migration and give more power to un-elected officials at the UN. In a sovereign and democratic country, the people should have more of a say on migration.  

Mass migration into the West is being rejected by the people and is one of the leading issues which is causing the rise of populism, nationalism and the far-right. If the concerns of the public are continuously ignored, this will cause a breakdown in our society.