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UK Parliament representation for the 1.2 million British expats living in the EU

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Over a million British expats in Europe are demanding proper representation in the UK’s parliament following the Brexit vote.

Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to confirm whether British expats living in Europe will be allowed to stay following the EU referendum.

In an alarming interview this week, the Conservative Party favourite to succeed David Cameron said: “What’s important is there will be a negotiation here as to how we deal with that issue of people who are already here and who have established a life here and Brits who’ve established a life in other countries within the European Union.

”There’s no change at the moment, but of course we have to factor that into the negotiations.”

This comes after Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also failed to calm fears that expats could live and work freely in Spain.

The Olive Press newspaper represents a community of up to 800,000 British workers who have made Spain their home. Across the EU, it’s estimated there are 1.3 million British-born people who have set up home.

Currently, despite these vast numbers, expats in Europe do not have an official voice, such as a local MP or government body, to fight their corner.

Tens of thousands of these people were unable to vote in the recent referendum having lived abroad for more than 15 years.

Furthermore, many thousands more were unable to vote due to registering, postal and other administrative errors.

Yet, despite being very strongly pro-Europe, we are the very ones who stand to suffer the most.

We believe the vote to take us out of the EU came after false information was used to dupe the public.

After all, we live in Europe and know all its good – and bad – points.


We, the assigned below, believe it is vital that Britain’s government gives a guarantee to expats, many of whom have set up businesses and put down roots with families in their adopted country.

We pay taxes here, yet cannot vote in regional or national elections in Spain and, if we’ve been here for longer than 15 years, cannot vote at all… anywhere.

We urge Theresa May, Michael Gove - or whoever the next leader of the country is – to ensure that British expats living in the EU do not have their rights ‘negotiated’ away.

We demand that expats are given a voice that draws attention to our issues and makes the powers that be act, or at least consider, our needs.

We urge anyone concerned by what Is happening right now to sign this petition to demand a parliamentary action group to look into our rights to continue living unfettered in the EU.

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