UK/Ireland Animal Abuse Register

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I want both the Irish and UK Governments to create an Animal Abuse Register (similar to the sex offenders register) that would see all those convicted of abuse towards animals having to sign on for a specific amount of time. They would have to declare this to all current and future employers as well as any agency that asks for the information. 

This register needs to be cross-border to prevent those banned from owning animals in the UK, simply traveling to the Republic and buying an animal there which sadly has been documented by the USPCA. This register will help re-homing shelters from giving animals who will harm them and protect animals from going to bad homes. 

I know I am not the only person sick and tired of seeing those who have burnt and mutilated poor defenceless animals get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Its time we had proper punishment for these violent individuals and its starts with creating an Animal Abuse Register.

Just this week a dog was stolen in Coalisland, only to be found tied to a concrete block in the canal, thankfully Council officers rescued before he drown. Those responsible are the type of scum we need to punish more.