Teach sign language as part of the National curriculum

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considering to most it’s a complete waste of time learning a foreign language as they either never visit those country’s or know anyone else who uses sed languages, where sign language is actually beneficial not only to the person who’s learnt it but to who they will be able to communicate to! So I’m asking for Schools to teach our children along side foreign languages. This could change so many peoples lives by just simply being able to communicate and also if a parent has a child who has additional needs or is deaf they do not need to panic about how they will be able to communicate with their child! Communication is a necessity!!!

As a country our children learn a variation of different languages such as French and Spanish but let’s face it they may never use it again! I know I didn’t because Iv never had the need but what I did have the need for is sign language, being able to communicate with friends, family or neighbours whos only form of communication is unfortunately sign language. People right here in your country, people who you are more likely to cross paths with walking to the shops rather than someone who spoke French but not English! My point is for too long people who are deaf have been alienated for far too long, unless you’ve taken courses or classes you would be unable to communicate with a deaf person leaving them feeling so alone and isolated. I’m dumbfounded that sign language hasn’t already  been incorporated in to schools, why shouldn’t all children be able to communicate with their friends and be included. It is as simple as learning sign language please help me help our children help other children so everyone feels like they belong, feels included and can just simply communicate x